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No sale Thursday July 3rd.

Happy 4th. of July! See you on the 10th.

LIVESTOCK SALE:  Thursday of every week. Hogs start at 11:30, then cattle, then sheep and goats.  





A full service stockyards conducting auctions of all classes of livestock on a weekly basis.

Located in the heart of the Midwest, Mexico, Mo. Just north of Interstate 70.

Providing a market for buyers and sellers and operating on strong principles of integrity and ethics. Gratefully accepting our mission to develop, conduct and maintain modern business practices. The stockyards have remained in operation since May 1960, transferring to current ownership in January 2005. At that time the stockyards facility was updated and the grounds well maintained, insuring safety of the animals and everyone involved, therefore experiencing steady growth.

Selling all classes of livestock

Livestock Sales

  • Every Thursday
  • Feeder pigs @ 11:30am
  • Followed by cattle then sheep and goats
  • Docks open from Noon to 6pm every Wednesday, by appointment,  to receive livestock. Open at 7:30 on Thursday morning.
  • Onsite veterinary 

Swap /Trade Day. First Saturday of each month

Accepting all major credit/debit cards.
Checks accepted through Telecheck.

Please contact us if you have questions or for more information.